Passenger Information Archive

The Passenger Information Archive documents transit passenger information in the wild. In most cities, this includes a station-to-station video of onboard dynamic passenger information, along with other photos and commentary of note.

Chicago - "L"

Chicago's "L" passenger information has a distinctive style, and was generally of high quality. The relatively pale colors on a white background gave system maps and related items almost a cute look. Station platforms featured large signs with the first letter of the station name; highly glanceable, but ... videos, pics, read more

Montreal - Métro, Bus

Métro Azur STM's newest Métro vehicle, the Azur, features LCD passenger information screens by each door, and LED text displays interior. Both are shown here: Note on the LCD the little out-of-sync jump as the next station is updated. Whoops! On the bright side, also check out the &qu... videos, pics, read more

Spokane, WA - Bus

Thanks to Spokane Transit Authority for hosting the Northwest Transit Exchange and letting me give a talk there -- so I can't leave y'all out of the Archive. Sorry the video is blurry, but you can see the important stuff. Spokane Transit Authority Bus The video captures the start of ... videos, pics, read more