Montreal - Métro, Bus

Métro Azur

STM's newest Métro vehicle, the Azur, features LCD passenger information screens by each door, and LED text displays interior. Both are shown here:

Note on the LCD the little out-of-sync jump as the next station is updated. Whoops! On the bright side, also check out the "Correspondances" (transfers) shown at the upcoming station. When there were multiple modes available in the transfers, they were grouped and shown with icons.

Metro MR-73

The MR-73 are older Métro vehicles. I didn't have to take a video of these because Wikipedia user WilliamGamache made this great animation of the customized interior LED screens:


The buses had my favorite interior display I have yet seen on a bus. These clear-as-day 2-line LED panels were well utilized, to show route name, destination, transfers (not pictured), accessibility information, and "détour en cours" (route on detour).